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Oct 14, 2012 9:00am EDT
puerto rico and drift towards bermuda. it will stay away from the east coast of the united states. here on the east coast right now, high pressure anchored will keep us dry today but a storm system to the west of catch up to us but probably not until monday. you can see rain on h.d. doppler north and west of us and this will converge on baltimore in the early part of the work week. 54 degrees in rising sun at the top of the hour. the forecast today, mix of sun and clouds. approximate -- about as nice as it gets this time of year. seven-day forecast taking us through the work week, chance for rain tomorrow, off-and-on rain showers, mild with a high temperature near 73, cooling off tuesday, wednesday and thursday with high temperatures mid to upper 60's. next chance for rain after that late friday into saturday. >> the orioles' journey to the world series may have ended but some fans are looking forward to next season after the team's remarkable performance this year. >> tale looking forward to it. nadia ramdass has more on how the fans welcome back the birds as they returned from the bro
Oct 14, 2012 5:00am EDT
offshore of the east coast of the united states and pick up waves at ocean city. that's about it. the weather maps at home, we have high pressure in control of the weather in the mid atlantic region. that should keep things dry today and we have a storm system in the midwest. in between the two, the surface winds will turn southwest and push us into the 70's this afternoon so we are looking forward to that. a lot of activity around us with rain to the north and west and that will catch up to us during the day tomorrow. 49 in taneytown, 50 in parkton and 51 in jarrettsville. a mix of sun and clouds today, a lot warmer than the last couple of days. highs this afternoon ranging between 69 and 74 degrees, very pleasant. seven-day forecast taking us through the upcoming work week, chance of rain during the day tomorrow, off-and-on showers likely for monday and the high temperature near 73, settling into the 60's the rest of the week, dry tuesday through wednesday and next chance for rain late friday going into next weekend on saturday: . >> in this morning's education alert, a state a
Oct 21, 2012 5:00am EDT
-weather plus forecast with ava with ava. >> the mountains in the northwest united states received their first snowfall of the year. live video of snoqualme pass. you can see them preparing the ski resorts. so far tonight, we are expecting a few more inches of snow up there and snow levels continue to drop in elevation. as you look at radar across the nation, you can see a little bit of snow falling in the cascades, east of seattle, east of eugene, as well. now we see more rain looking the plains across north dakota, moving into minnesota, as well, but the east is quiet right now. despite a few lake effect rain showers moving across upstate new york into western pennsylvania, it's quiet over baltimore. we expect sunshine today, temperatures close to normal, nothing too extreme. as we look at what's happening right now, a look at the national weather pattern, we have a large area of high pressure in control right now. this high pressure will bring the sunshine but also drawing in cooler air. that air mass came in out of canada. back to the west, we saw rain on the radar, associated with a storm
Oct 28, 2012 5:00am EDT
more than a million barrels of oil per day, 7% of the total capacity in the united states. in new york trading, the storm threat has boosted gasoline and heating oil prices. oil markets are watching for potential disruptions because stockpiles in the region are tight making the east coast vulnerable to strike spikes. >> from costume making to festive pictures, halloween is a treat for kids but could also result in a trip to the hospital. up next, tips to keep the kids safe this halloween. >> and so far things are quiet but going downhill into the beginning of the workweek >> the north carolina coastline was hammered with heavy rain and strong winds from hurricane sandy yesterday but a few people decided to take advantage of the winds and went kite surfing. emergency officials are warning of coastal flooding and power outages but have not issued mandatory evacuations. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tony pann. >> i heard a rumor that ava marie will be doing that in ocean city next hour. that's a good reason to stay tuned. ava marie, wind surfing in ocean city. not. that
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4